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NACHS thankful for area support

The calendar may say April, but for the Natchez Adams County Humane Society, our hearts are so full of thanksgiving that Iā€™m convinced it must ... Read more | Add your comment

Cemetery photo contest deadline nears

Throughout the year, the cemetery is among the most beautiful places in Natchez. Read more | Add your comment

Regular prayer provides many benefits

What is prayer? Prayer is ā€œa petition to God.ā€ Prayer is asking God to give us what we believe would be good for us or ... Read more | Add your comment

Easter traditions make day special

Many of us have fond memories of Easter. One of my favorite memories is of dying and creating beautiful, pastel-colored eggs. Read more | Add your comment

Stop the violence march walks April 26

Dear Natchez, and a special Dear Natchez to our young people, the time is past due to cut out all of this foolishness ā€” all ... Read more | Add your comment

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